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Worship Notes

Congregational Survey Results on Combined Worshp at CUMC

Thank you to the 81 respondents to our survey about occasional combined worship at CUMC.

Over 92% of respondents said they liked or were neutral about holding an occasional combined worship service.  Two-thirds of all respondents said they liked the idea of an occational combined service. 

The three situations that respondents thought were appropriate for a combined service were:  Summer Sundays with historically low attendance (70.9%);  Sundays around holidays with historically low attendance--Christmas, New Years, Labor Day (75.9%); Church-wide events like church picnic or teacher/staff appreciation (65.8%).

The styles of worship cited by a majority of respondents as being meaningful in a combined service were:  a combination of contemporary & traditional or a blended style not resembling either.    Ninety-five percent of respondents said they would be very likely or somewhat likely to attend an occasional single service.   We appreciate the time many respondents took to write additional comments, which will help us in future worship planning.

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