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Faith, Food and Fellowship

Clarendon started a tradition of providing a mid-week service, a hot meal and a program over 30 years ago... all for the price of a "Latte"!. Once a month, the 2nd Thursday from September to May, we have a worship service beginning at 12:00 noon, with encouraging words from the minister, Rev. Tracy Wine. At 12:30, we gather in the Social Hall for a hot 3-course meal ($5)  prepared by Dee Culver, the church chef. After the delicious lunch, we sit back and enjoy a speaker or activity, until 1:45. Our programs coming up for 2019 are:   

  • January 10 -  Theme of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Sermons by Don Boileau
  • February 14 -  To Russia with Love: History of Baltic Sea Countries,  Jane Dixon 
  • March 14 -  Inside the USIA (United States Information Agency) by Mike Kiel and Nancy Fierheighley.  Come learn about this agency which was established by Eisenhower and  dissolved in 1999.  It was the largest full-service public relations organization in the world.   


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