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Living Lovingkindness Challenge

40 Day Living Lovingkindness Challenge 

Durring the season of Lent (Ash Wednesday, February 14 to Easter, April 1) we are challenging people to perform an act of kindness everyday for 40 days.  (Sunday is the day to be kind to yourself).  This can be a small act of opening a door for someone or baking cookies for someone who could use a lift to volunteering at a local agency.  Spread the kindness of Jesus throughout our community. 

To track your deeds of kindness, we have a Calendar with suggestions on the back.  You can also post pictures on Instagram under #LLKindness or send to the church to be posted on our Facebook page.  We hope on this Lenten Journey we can be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus as we Live Love through acts of Kindness.   


LIVING LOVE - the origin

In the fall of 2016, the staff at Clarendon began to sense that God was leading us to consider a church-wide spiritual focus.  The topic that kept surfacing was love - how can we embody Christ’s love in challenging times?  The staff gathered other church leaders together to share what they were hearing, and this dialogue affirmed their thoughts.  They made a commitment to gather regularly to discern next steps.  

Gradually - through prayer, conversation, preaching and listening - the theme Living Love emerged, and God brought three areas of focus to the forefront:

  • First - Living love at Clarendon United Methodist Church.  This is a wonderful family of faith with rich relationships and deep spiritual roots.  And God revealed that we have the opportunity to grow in grace - to increase our skills in respectful discourse and compassionate listening as we address the issues that face every church.
  • Secondly - Living love in the global United Methodist Church.  As a denomination, we are approaching a crossroads regarding our positions about human sexuality, and there are significant decisions that may soon be facing the church.  There is a sense that God wants us to prepare for such a crossroads with love as our guide.
  • The third focus is Living love in our nation.  How are we getting along with our fellow Americans in such turbulent and contentious times?  God is showing thatlove can be used as a catalyst to adopt a new posture of trust toward each other as neighbors and citizens with a focus on mutual openness, wonder and respect.

The next step was to share what the staff and church leadership had discerned with the entire church body.  At the Easter Sunday worship services in April, there was a brief presentation and those in attendance were asked for their feedback on what had already been discerned.  An incredible 181 responses were received on multi-colored sticky notes.  All of those were complied and catagorized.  The responses guided the Living Love group to plan new initiatives that would address the issues that God had put on everyone's hearts.  On Sunday, September 10, it was time to officially launch the Living Love theme and roll out the first wave of new studies, topics in worship, and opportunities for service.  There is much more to come!

Love is alive in Jesus Christ, and we believe that God is calling us to take our love to the next level in this church.  The Holy Spirit is moving in our midst, and by reading this and connecting with this faith community, you are already part of the plans God is revealing.  Join us on the journey!


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