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Part 2 - Church Timeline

Part 2 - A Timeline of Clarendon's History

by Jon H. Larimore

Here now are some (but certainly not all) of our CUMC milestones, and more importantly, the names of just some of those who made them happen—some gone on before us long ago, and others right here with us, bright and shiny today. See if these names and events ring a bell in your heart:

1901—The Sunday School classes which inspired CUMC to begin

1905—Rev. William Ballengee visits Clarendon, and proposes a new church

1906—Construction of our first church building is completed

1908—Our Women's Foreign Missionary Society is organized

1909—The Epworth League becomes our first youth group, later to evolve into UMYF

1916—Scout Troop 104 is established

1919—Harry S. Jordan becomes CUMC's first Music Director

1928—Kirkside (our present parsonage) is built, and fulfills many different purposes

1931—The Philathea Class is started by Edith Jacobs

1938—Cub Scout Pack 104 is established

1939—Explorer Scout Post 104 is established

1941—This present church building is dedicated, and . . . The Pilcher pipe organ is installed—as a major gift from Dr. John E. Payne Chimes are added to our organ, a memorial gift from Mr. & Mrs. A.W. McDaniel

1942—John Wigent becomes Organist and Director of Music, and . . . A group of MYF members creates the Crusaders class

1945—Malcolm and Martha Ann Miller create our first (children's) library, and . . . A memorial service is held for the 8 CUMC members who died in World War II

1947—The Fidelis class begins, with Matilta Myers teaching 1949—Kindergarten begins Clarendon UMC in the 1950s

1951—The education wing is completed, and . . . Methodist Men is organized, with Marvin Helter as president

1952—Adult Home Department is organized by Lewyl and Mabel Greeson

1967—The Schlicker Pipe Organ replaces the Pilcher, under the guidance of Hugh B. Johnson's committee

1971—Dr. J. Reilly Lewis accepts position as Organist and Choirmaster, and . . . Our Messiah Sing-Alongs begin under his direction

1974—The Bex McBride Learning Center is created. Edwina Deans, Gloria Ruddick, and Jim Tanner assist

1975—The Helter Memorial Library is dedicated, and its first librarian is Mary Tarpley

1978—Our first Whitechapel Handbells arrive, directed by Frances and Phil Lauer

1982—The Fidelis and Philathea classes merge, under the guidance of Martha Ann Miller

1986—The Little Beginnings child care center opens

1992—The Antiphonal Trumpet added to the organ, a memorial gift from Hester Jane and Karl Johnson

1994—A Hispanic Ministry finds a home at CUMC, ministered by Rev. Juan Peredes

1995—Our popular Clarendon Praise Band joins our Sunday Arise services

1996—The Leonard Scholarship Fund is established

1997—Our church web site joins The Internet

1999—Our "Growing In Faith" building renovation program begins

2001—Our most recent building renovations are completed, and . . . The Ivy Street stained glass window is installed, a gift from Hester Jane Johnson

2002—Our Sunday evening "Light For Life" service begins

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